Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What it takes!

What does it take to be independent? What does it even mean? Does it mean managing a livelihood for yourself, or does it mean taking decisions on those crossroads which decide the direction of your seemingly dependent life? Questions will always rise out of confusion and will never be satisfied with pecks of poetic answers. We seem to want it all.

Independent poses a problem for me.
I earn, I pay my rent, I cook my food, I have kept a maid.
I send money home and have had my mom's sari paid.
What matters now is what I do with the rest....
DO I stand up for a choice for the cause of dependence,
or do I sit back for the cause of love and regret.
If love is dependence, then dependence is too sweet to be true
But if dependence is falling in love, should I hold back, and repent?
Then there is a gallery of pictures on your wall...
Your first victory that is also mine..
Your first salary in my hand,
Our first Quarrel... seemingly incessant.
I ponder and I cry alone to make it seem as if I surround my universe all by myself.
.... But then..... again! We fall together and defy the laws of independence.

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