Wednesday, July 1, 2009

................ Head over Heels in love with Myself!!

I stand with a shovel in my right hand:
Clearing from my sidewalk the snow unnecessary accumulated.
I pave my own way, I clear my own path.
I stride forward, never looking back.

Things are not always sane for me, I believe Insanity is like social drinking, you can't avoid it and you end up enjoying it. For a twenty something girl like me, living in a big city is an addiction. I can't live without the labels and nor can I survive without the street shoppings of GK or Janpath. I pay my own bills and earn my own pay checks; spend lavishly on my fabulous ‘single-woman' life in a big bad city. I work for a multinational, and stare out of the window in to the dusty landscape in my spare time. The days when the sun shines on my desk are the days that forecast a good beginning. In the midst of the chaos aka work pressure; I manage to find time to update both my blogs; and when people ask me the secret recipe for time management: I give them my special super-multitasker acknowledgement smile.

I am a dreamer! Like everyone else around me, I dream of a cabin while sitting in my cube, I dream of a BMW while sitting in the auto rickshaw, I dream of the rains when the sun pierces through my shades, and I dream of a home when I eat alone at night. Reading anything and everything under the sun is included in my list of 'likes'. I am also the ‘Royal cribber’ and ‘instant mood-uplifter’ Point of contact for those I call friends. Listing out my dislikes will cause my Word Document to crash, but top of the list will be waking up early on a weekend.

I grew up in a comparatively smaller city, the City of Joy as we fondly call it. I fondly call it the city of ‘Chai-Pakoras and Foot-ball in the rain’. I moved to bigger rapidly on-the-move city, where people know you by your cars and the clothes you wear. The city we call ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’. I graduated first class in what seemed like International Politics and International Relations from St.Xavier’s College: A course that I hated while studying it and miss it to the core now that it’s waved goodbye. Working is a necessity for me, I work so that I can spend, and I work so that I don’t have to depend. I have been ever-fascinated with working women, and now I get to live my own fascination (with first hand experiences of it’s not so fascinating parts). I live life on my own terms, as clich├ęd as it may sound, but there is nothing more true to my character which describes me more than this one phrase. I know that the seemingly innocent phrase gives way to arrogance and spells out the word Opportunist. I am pretending to be optimistic here, and hope to not cross over the very thin line.

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