Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Thy Boyfriend: Not His Jeans!

As I flashbacked myself truly in an old Hindi Film mode to 1998, I saw myself on the couch carefully throwing away carefully peeled orange out the window while avoiding eye contact with my Mom. ( It's a trick I will teach you guys later).
Then, in a quick sharp pan (in the flashback itself) I study myself wearing my Fat brother's thrown away denim pants, and thank myself aloud for not been seen in those ever in my life (After 1998, that is!).

>>>>>Fast-forwarding myself into the current time-zone, I watch with open (not drooling) mouth as a colleague walked away with similar ill fitted jeans and a printed tee. I take one big step back from the time-machine and look straight at another friend who is trying to read my face for a long time. Finally succeeding, she says with a triumphant look, 'Boyfriend Jeans'.

After the long(ish)(Not Lunch) break full of bitching-gagging conversation on boyfriend jeans ended; I realized I had mixed feelings for this newly found trend which even a lot of Hollywooders are following closely, including Katie Holmes, who was recently spotted wearing what only seemed like one of Tom Cruise's thrown away pairs. To me, they look more like maternity clothes! I mean why would anyone in their right senses wear oversized denims? And actually step out the door looking like a camping tent. But then come to think of it, these denims have a multifaceted role in today’s hectic lifestyle. I mean, who has the time to pick up a broom and sweep the floor? Eh! Just wear your boyfriend/grandfather denims and prance around the floor for a while. It works like magic! The Magic Jeans’ floor-grazing bottom-hem takes care of all the dust and dirt while you walk. You can even sweep hidden dirt with it! Just stick a leg under the furniture and cobwebs are history!

Coming back to the discussion of the newly-found ‘boyfriend jeans-haters’ club:
I have decided to take a minute of silence to pray for those who have been trapped by the evil trend. ‘We pray for your peace, let this be a passing phase like all the fashion disasters of 1980s. Amen!’


  1. Okay URoy! No LOLs :P

    Me thinks that boyfriend jeans can be used during the painful time of the month [read periods] simply because all we want that time is comfort, comfort and more comfort which a VERY loose piece of clothing can obviously provide.

    PS: About the Katie Holmes part, I don't think they're Tom Cruise's thrown away jeans because AFAIK, he is extremely short :|

  2. thank you for your Non-Lol comment Lazy Panju!

    Your insights are greatly appreciated on the matter. However, 'un dino mein' I would prefer wearing a skirt... for further loose effect! ;D

  3. i didnt knew about this trends, any way how does it matter