Monday, January 10, 2011

Not-So-Much Resolutions!

This year I'm coming up with my non-exhaustive top 10 resolutions for the year and as you must have guessed, these are not resolutions at all. I can give them some pseudo-intellectual name such as 'wishful intents for 2011' or 'reflective objectives'- but I refuse to do that and will call these the Not-So-Much Resolutions AKA Nosolutions of 2011.

1. I will stop trying to exercise- it really hasn't helped me like Ever! so I am officially giving up on exercise! YAY!

2. I will start watching my favorite cartoons again- by hook or crook, I'm trying to locate all episodes of Dexter and Powerpuff girls. Any help IS and WILL be appreciated! :D

3. I will stop fighting with my boyfriend- I think our relationship has matured to a great extent over the last 7 years, and shouting/fighting is just too childish an activity to indulge in any more. From now I am taking on a new direction and my new motto is 'Silent Treatment'. In the words of Lily (HIMYM)- I will 'silent-treatment your ass to the ground'-- It's a wiser option than trying to think of cut-throat comebacks and rational reasoning while fighting.

4. I will stop cribbing about my age on this year's birthday and accept Age with Grace!! bwahahahahahaha... :P

5. I will try to invest more time on Impulsive Decisions. I know its a paradox, but eh! What the hell. I really mean it- I am not necessarily as Impulsive a person that I wish to be and since I am not growing any younger, I would want to indulge in abrupt and impulsive choices as much as I can.

6. I would want to continue digging out inspirations from random and mundane realities of life unlike "some people around me". No, I am not a creative genius, I just refuse to be a Royal cribber this year. (Disclaimer--This Nosulution comes with an expiry date of two weeks!)

7. I will continue to be entertained by Royal cribbers, who crib about their life/job/sleeplessness/lack of metabolism etc and include the fun-facts in my blog. I have realized that if they don't complain, I don't get enough energy and enthusiasm to write!! :P :P

8. I am going to fold at least one item of clothing everyday and neatly stack them in the closet-- Ok Ok, scrap this one-- (terms and conditions**)

9. I am officially giving up on the famous 'everyone's favorite' new years resolution. I am not ""trying to be a better human being this year"". I think I am too old to change myself and too old to try and act on vices. And Yes! I love air-quoting * evil grin *!!!

10. And, last but not the least- I will try my level best to breach all communications with crazy people in my phone-book who expect me to call them every now and then to ask how they have been or to say 'awwwww I miss you so much'. I realized that if I am scared to call them after a month just because they will ask me why I haven't called before and eat my brains out- I better not call them EVER! I think I should be able to call my friends even after 6 months and pick up where we left off. If friendship is not unconditional and effortless it's not worth calling friendship. So I have offically given up on Non-friendships this year.

That's all for now, hope to come back with better Nosolutions next year and beat the shit out of this year's top ten :D


  1. 4 - will never see the light of day
    3 - I can almost hear the boyfee shudder from the silent treatment strategy

  2. aww, vineet we never treat you like one!! :P

  3. I'm a big fan of your nosolution idea. I just don't make resolutions in the first place but I think I'll try this next year. Also:
    a) good call on giving up on non-friends. My parent's reprimand me (yeah like I'm still 12) for doing that but it's so not worth the wasted energy.
    2)I never try to be a better human! Thanks for joining me!