Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indriya- Shakti!

No, not that I am feeling extremely spiritual today! It's just that I stumbled upon an article which talks about the different meanings of Indriya and how the meaning differs with each race, religion and belief. In Buddhism, unlike Sanskrit Vedas- Indriya refers to a spiritual faculty of the somewhat the self-control principle. Which needless to pretty interesting! In Sanskrit however, it literally means "agreeing with Indra".. and finally reached its most known definition of the five senses.

Not only did I enjoy reading this piece of article, it also made me think of the millions of notions that the word can be related to. What is 'Indriya' to a blind man? is it the same as it is to a mentally challenged young girl? The way we humans see the world is not only different but uniquely independent. Which is what makes us the most sympathetic and sensitive race of all.

To a blind man 'Indriya' is an overpowering sensation of constant self searching and awareness, whereas to a small mentally challenged girl- 'Indriya' is nothing but a way to get her back to reality- the sound of glass shattering, or a hysteric call from her loved one, the touch of a friend or a jolt of a doctor. For most of us though it is a way to experience the world, and that's why I for me- 'Indriya' is Inspiration.

In my own thought-pedia, Indriya is synonymous with Inspiration. What inspires me to write, what inspires me to sing, what inspires me to love and respect, and what inspires me to strive...

An old poem, a new bottle of perfume, a secret admirer, a romantic dinner, an old faded picture, a tight hug, a much needed advise, a sudden eye-contact, an interesting conversation..... It takes very little to inspire us and take action. It's about realizing your inspiration and following it up with your inspired initiative.

To me- Indriya is nothing, but ways to find newer & greater inspirations everyday!

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