Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One more list!

So, my love for lists continues. Today I am not writing about the more important things in life, but about the most trivial issues that make me what I am. If you are one of those people who never want to be around me, and most definitely never ever want to be 'my friend' -- then this is a list that you should hug and take to bed. So, here goes the top three things that - turn me off/irritate me/piss me off/ make me wanna throw up... etc. You get the drift! ;)

1. Ppl who ryte lyk dis, n think dat dey are xtremely c00L. Not only do I pity you guys, but you don't leave me an option. I Judge you!

2. Butt-cracks. If you are not wearing a t-shirt two sizes too small for you, then you can very well pull it down when you sit. There is no excuse for this one, and if I know YOU, and see your butt-crack- I WILL disown you.

3. Pseudo-Drunks. One advice for you gals-- be subtle! I know you had only one vodka shot, and there is no effing way that you can be drunk after One Vodka shot and by just sniffing other peoples' drinks. So just get over it, you are not fooling anyone. Not me, and not the guy you just gave a lap-dance to!

1 comment:

  1. Love the 3rd point!!!
    I have a friend who starts hitting and shouting and cursing!!!
    too irritating!