Friday, February 11, 2011

Addiction 101

How's & Why's of my addicted life!

For the Love of Caffeine- Are you kidding me! By the time you are 25 coffee will be your existential weapon. There is something magical about the first sip of that rich, dark, aromatic fluid that seeps into your soul. This is an addiction that revives me back to social life. I wake up worse than a 70 year old grumpy old woman, and without cofee, I can only imagine how wonderfully dreadful I am to people. I am definitely not a morning person, and to approach me in the morning when I have not had my cup of black coffee is not only risky- but potentially could be your mood spoiler for the day!

Cigerrettes- Well! What can I say! The deadly combination that I am not proud of. But much has been already said about how & where this combination leads to. Nevertheless! It's so effffing good, that I am falling short of words! ( I atually took a break right about now, and came back to finish the post in ten mins).

Sugar-Coated Biscuits - These are the ones that creep up on you silently. You don't realize how much you need them untill you look at the empty packet you just finished, and shamelessly urge for more. My advice would be to stay away from taking the first bite. Once you take the first bite - you are so gone! There is no way you can turn your back or stop munching on these deadly sugar loaded babies! * sob sob *

Hajmola - I know! what was I thinking right! I have nothing to say in my defence. I don't know how I got addicted to these, but I keep a hidden stash - as shameful as that sounds!

Reality TV- As dumb as that sounds! but YES I admit, I am addicted to reality TV. I don't know why, but I get an awesome feeling while watching a bunch of jackasses act like they just ran away from a circus. It gives a meaning and purpose to my life, it makes me stay sane and appreciate my sanity at times. Everytime there is a new reality show on air, I can't help myself falling into the trap and religiously following the moronic episodes of chronic crap.

Never throw Away crap- That is the mantra of my life. While trying to clear out my office drawers (not im not fired) I realized that I have 4 years of utter crap stashed away inside the three not so spacious drawers. Not only do I never claim LTA, the fact is I never tried. Yet, I have religiously stored away each an every boarding pass/ticket print-out/receipts and what not for the last 4 years of my corporate life. I can't begin to tell you how much of junk (which included thousands and zillions of bills, empty gum packets, an old pair of socks, note pads, stickys, markers, print-outs of random things) came out of there. And if you thought I threw them away- my friend- you are wrong. I neatly piled up all the garbage into three bags, and put them back (yes you read correctly) into the three drawers. I am addicted to clutter- and NEVER throw things away!

Judge me all you want! but everytime I look around me I see more and more addicted people. Sometimes I feel these addictions are necessary. They make us feel secure in our own skin. Make us calmer & saner in our utterly clumsy & cloudy lives.

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