Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sack Race!

Yes! Being silly at times help. When I am bored out of wits and wanna do something just for the kicks, and for the 'cheap thrills' -
That is exactly what sack-races provide!

Not exactly sure how jumping inside a stinky sack, trash talking opponents and fumbling/falling and hurting (Read: Bruising) elbow
badly fits into FUN-- but there is something exhilarating in every stupid/childish act that we do.

Just to give you a background behind this floating sack picture- I was in an almost all day training, and call it an irony or whatever, "I was in a training to become a trainer". :|

Just to get out of the mind numbing experience, I sneaked out of the training, while we were switching rooms. Thank God for VC problems :) But the experience was worth it. For the short 2 mins, I behaved like a complete idiot racing against another idiot in the sack race across bays, fell down in the process and trash talked the opponent and blamed my defeat to bystanders who distracted me!

All in a days work!

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