Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top Angle OverView!

Here are 20 Things that you guys did not know about me and things (I am sure) you do not want to know either. In any case you will be inflicted with this pain, so don't put so much effort in avoiding this post.

1. I am a shopaholic. An Ex/reformed shopaholic at this time, but I will get back to my usual self after a while.

2. I hate social gatherings where people serve finger food and pseudo snacks, and every one greets each other with page 3 type air kisses.

3. I love cheese, and I can mix it with any kind of food. (Once made Rajma with cheese, and still loved it).

4. I like blowing bubbles, and pens which glow in the dark and have rubber stamp heads.

5. I collect old flight boarding passes and movie tickets for no apparent reasons, but whenever I try to clear out my bag, I get zillions of them.

6. I want to go to Paris once before I turn 25.

7. I have traveled to almost all places in India, yes I am a travel freak, and I have been to the far corners of North-East as well.

8. I want to own a pair of nice Chanel and D&G Shades someday, preferably next year!:P

9. I have a tattoo of a tribal butterfly on my right ankle and I got it done as a birthday gift to myself.

10. I have a phobia of falling from the stairs, so I never run down the stairs even if I am in super hurry. (Yes! I fell down the stairs and slit my forehead when i was little).

11. I love amusement parks. I am afraid of most of the rides, but I just love to go there to see screaming people. I love watching Nervous screaming people on top of a scary-to-death freak-show ride.

12. I hate adventure sports, I am gutless!! Boating is fun! (with life jackets on):P

13. At one point of time I was addicted to Hajmola and used to have almost 10 in a day!!! (Phew! it dont know how I quit that):P

14. I like annoying people around me, it is just that I have more annoying people around me.

15. I like to say, "I told you so".

16. I dont want to donate my eyes, kidney, liver or any goddamn part of my body when I am dead. Yes, I know I can't take them all along with me, but at least I wont be a eye-less, kidney-less ghost.

17. I like telling my mom that I am more matured than what she was at my age: (although I was already born by the time my mom was my age).

18. I believe in feel-good factors and Karma. I strongly believe in Karma and I know for a fact that what goes around comes around.

19. I am the worst romantic. I plan lousy surprises and I have run out of gift ideas on Birthdays.

20. My favorite pass-time is blaming stuff on my boyfriend. Although, I know for a fact that I can't survive for even a day without his interference &cribbing, and without me goofing up something or the other. :D

Thank you for your patience! :D


  1. After so many years, it alright to run out of gift ideas!

  2. Remember the cheese rajma!

    well i knew everything except:
    12. I hate adventure sports, I am gutless!! Boating is fun! (with life jackets on):P.......surprising!

  3. Yea there are wayy too many annoying people around! ha ha ha! eeee hooo!

  4. @ Alice,You take the hint very well. I love your new found style of laughter.

    @ Sonia, dont be so surprised, I am yet to come up with my list of top 20 Most Hated things.. lol

  5. You should be glad that you opted out of shopping all these months, b'coz manmohan and company are anyways trying to give you all tym Sale by reducing the taxes and all :D
    Hajmola....How can one?? :(

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Tarun. I haven't shopped for more than 1 and half months now ( I almost feel sick.)

    And coming to Hajmolas... I swear I dont know how that happened. But then, some people are addicted to drinks, some to coke and heroine.. I was addicted to Hajmola (the pink, imli flavor one) :P