Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend to Weekend!

There is nothing better than a lazy weekend getaway. I’d been craving it for a very long time. With things around me getting more and more complicated along with crazy load of work at office this quarter, I just couldn’t catch a break! Overly frustrating long office hours, emotional drama and what not – dark clouds were circling atop me 24/7. I’d been dying to go on a vacation, and when the 3 day long weekend was glaring in my face - me and my super awesome friends jumped ninja-ishly on a super deal trip to Jaipur. In sheer excitement, I overbooked the package and bought 4 tickets instead of two – and then had to deal with 2 days of ‘to and fro’ with call center women (which is never pleasant) for a refund. It was an honest mistake I said.

Needless to say, I had no intention of sight seeing or doing anything touristy at all. I’d been to Jaipur a couple of times before and frankly, even if this was my first time, I would have still not left the resort. I needed just two things – Spa & Pool. And, that my friends are exactly the two things I got. There is just nothing better than lying around like a glob of jelly all day doing nothing, getting up at absurd times and then having some good food and going back to snuggle sleep again. Major cuddling included. A couple of highlights of this awesome trip were

- Forgetting to get music cds and cribbing every 30 mins to stop somewhere and buy some CDs -which obviously never happened.

- Expletives and national ‘lets ruin all songs on planet’ day by friend Kazmi, the destroyer of all sane lyrics.

- Super awesome tea at the roadside dhaba – all of us had two cups each.

- The most romantic weather ever in Jaipur – rainy, cloudy and breezy. Just Perfect.

- The joy of doing nothing at all, and knowing you are on a 3 day vacation – no laptops and no work emails.

Now that I am back to the grind with shit loads of work piled up – all I can do is live for the next weekend. On another note – my fat bro turned 18 yesterday, so he’s coming to Delhi to celebrate and stuff – I’ll get him drunk under sisterly supervision, whether he likes it or not. Kids grow up so fast I say – watching him turn 18 just makes me nervous about my own age right now. Man, my lil bro is an adult WTF! Can’t deal with this man, pretty soon he’ll be bringing chicks home and will be drunk driving across the city. The hidden agenda to get him to Delhi is also to lecture him on adulthood safety guidelines – I know, I know, no one likes ‘the talk’ but you can’t escape it either. If you have a kiddo sibling and you are reading this – you know exactly how concerned I am right now.

Anyhoo, that’s all the updates I have for now. Ciao my lovelies!


  1. I'm glad you had a nice mini vacation! I've never been to a spa, but it sounds amazing. :)

  2. kuttus must have freaked out after all the gyans u had to deliver on adulthood :P -arijit