Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ok, I may have over-reacted!

I desperately need to make my blog a little more lively. 'Cos I swear, I'm not this drab in real life..

I've been going through some templates and all, and super confused right now - cos the ones that I end up liking are all very darkish and lets just say less - lively. Anyhoo, I'm putting that on the back burner for now and try and look for happier backgrounds later. I know the last post hasn't really been uplifting, but then it was just one of those days. Over-calculating and basic PMSing messed it up for me I guess. And since I have such awesome friends to rat me out, the post fell into wrong hands. What followed was about 20 mins of extreme ridicule and super insensitive humor projected towards each and every sad sentence of the post. Yes, it was read out aloud and made into a social smoke break conversation, which mind you, will be repeatedly referred to going forward as 'that joke where it was my problem'.

Ok, I might have over reacted a little more than necessary, and as PG says - sometimes I'm like a bitch on crack (which is not entirely false).. I still think I was having a crisis day and needed some love (which came a little late) :P

On a happier note, I smoked only two cigarettes yesterday. Not because of any self control crap, but because I was plain lazy. Boyfee left around noon and we were out of smokes, so me and my lazy ass stayed in bed all afternoon and evening till he came back with a pack at night. Which turned out to be a good thing right? Whatever the reason may have been (too lazy to go downstairs and buy a pack) - I smoked only two a day! which is Huge-ish. Also, this tells me that I can actually quit. I am turning really really old in a couple of days - and on my B'day the serious resolution is to quit smoking. I will still tag along with the group to the smoke breaks just for fun and for the utter random conversations, but I won't smoke. Yep, that's the plan as of now.. so wish me luck!


  1. good luck.. you will sail around :)

    Weakest LINK

  2. all the luck to u... my bitch on crack!!

  3. YAYYYYYY! I love this! soooo much better than that birdy drabby thing you had ealrierrrr! :D :*

  4. Stop wasting your birthday resolutions. And yes you overreacted. - Aruni