Monday, August 8, 2011

Boys with Toys!

Obviously women are multitaskers. We can do all sorts of crazy things all at the same time, while giving appropriate levels of deserving attention to each activity. When the same comes to men, well... I don't need to say much.

We were born to compete. Just look at the things we have to compete with to get our mans' attention. Generally when men have nothing fun to do they'd cuddle up next to you when you are reading a very interesting book or doing some very important work and be as attentive as possible. However, just try to get your man's attention when a crucial match is on -- and if you are actually able to do this (please call me) I'd say you have mastered the ultimate art of seduction OR you have a major leash on my girlfriend!

Boys with their stupid toys - what can I say?! PSPs, damn you laptops, ipod/pads and what not. The getting their attention game will start with trying to start a conversation which will be unheard for the first 5 mins, then when you try some different moves you might see some 5 second attention towards what you are doing, and then slowly you will realize that while the hands are somewhere on your hands, the eyes are not! I know, I know, you will try and divide the attention and get it back towards you - but all efforts will fail unless you are actually planning to do a strip tease or a monica maneuver (as my wise friend PG pointed out.)

Anyhoo, thought of the day remains:

'While watching Modern Family, my BF pushed me (read: head) away from the laptop screen while I was making gooey eyes at him. And the worst part is that, this is just some sitcom - He would have trampled me if Batman was on. FML'


  1. For further more realistic insight watch pyaar ka punchnama :D

    Weakest LINK

  2. can happen other way also sometimes.....girls with their cosmetics...:)

  3. Totally agreeing with the Batman part. I don't even try to bother when the 100th re-run of Batman Begins is airing on TV.

  4. 2 things - they are not toys, they are gadgets :P
    and u missed samsung galaxy s2 :):)