Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birth of the Corporate Bitch!

Re-birth, Re-vamp... words are not enough to describe my sentiments towards this wonderful phenomenon that occurred in a relatively dull working place today.

A little glimpse of what we call miracle in plain English, got me to thinking

When I woke up this morning I had absolutely no idea about the blinding
storm of fierce fashion that was about to hit me! Me: Unsuspecting poor soul,
dragged my lazy ass to office on a mundane Thursday. Then, it all happened....

A Sudden phone call from a friend (Specimen Shukla) woke me up without my
morning coffee... In a rush of urgency her voice sounded almost muffled.
"Come to the stairs outside, Quick!" And I knew, something had happened.

As I went up to the stairs fearing a tragic event, or a huge gossip...
An almost perfect picture greeted my eyes.

......A lady and her new black shoes.

I once described her to be the Queen of Ugly shoes and ill-fitting clothes. When Ugly shoes saw her out of the shop of a window
they literally did the 'Someone's gonna buy me dance'
. But today she
looked up at me in mockery and those shoes just glowed in perfection.
She was sitting there with a crisp white shirt, denims (which did fit her well)
and so-out-of-her-league shoes. But they fit her so well, that I was stunned and
just stared. There was a weird silence of a few moments, but then it all came together. Let the rejoicing begin!!

Magically, Alice had turned in to the Corporate Bitch! Months of our persuasion
finally paid off, and this day a new high fashion:'Jalwa' (as we like to call it)
is born. By the sheer awesomeness of her ensemble she managed to blind each
eye, and even invited naughty intentions of the men around. The sound
of the heels caught the attention of all mere mortals around, as they
flocked together to admire the new office bitch collection outside the

The new line of Summer collections by Bhattacharya, or should we call her 'Madam X' going forward, raised a few eyebrows and stopped a few hearts.

But all in all, we have seen today that nothing is impossible....
As a wise man once said (Wise/spider watever): "With great Power comes Great Responsibility"....
and we all know what that means, we all look forward to more of cutting
edge fashion from the collections of the corporate bitch!

Until then, this is your friendly neighborhood Blogger signing off! :)

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