Monday, May 4, 2009

And I'm Back!!

I know you guys missed me!! ( I like to pamper myself sometimes). However, I have a decent explanation for what kept me away from my first Love AKA 'Bitching on Blog' for sooo long. Reason no.1 : I went for a vacation-- YAY! Thailand :D
Reason no.2 : I had shit loads of work after I came back and I felt like I had hit rock bottom with layers of work on top of me just piling up. Reason no.3 : I caught up with my second favorite pass-time... Oh Yeah! Sleeping. :P

But then now that I am back, there are a few things that I need to bitch about, I few things I need to say out loud and a few things which I absolutely need to get outta my system. So, here it goes....

For all the summer vacation enthusiasts, Thailand is the cheapest destination you can go to and shop till you drop. But make sure before you go there, you need to carry a English to Thai Dictionary. The simple reason being, people over there remind me of Dumb and Dumber. For a country which survives on Tourism, they know zilch of English. If you ask them for a toothbrush, they get you a pillow. If you ask them where a cigarette shop is they will nod at you smile and drive away. When you scream your head off while playing Dumb-Charades they walk away with their pride. And Oh! I almost forgot, they absolutely love the word 'ONE MOMENT PLEASE'. That is about the only English that they will ever learn. Now that I am back, I can win at any game of Dumb Charades.

For all my shopping fans! I am back, and I am back with a bang. Yes! I shopped and it felt soooooo good. I was in cloud 9 as I wheeled my cute little shopping cart from one end of the retail heaven to the other, almost flying and gliding through the tons of uber awesome clothes! And then there was Duty-free!!!!!!!!!!! Shopaholics Heaven!!

The good thing about taking a vacation is that you feel like you have worked (errr) sorry.. Slogged for so long that you deserve a break and then you start counting days and ticking off days in your calender! And one fine morning you wake up with butterflies in your stomach and realize that the day has come. The bad thing about vacations is that it comes to an end too soon. I wish time flew like this when I am at work slogging my ass off.

Anyhoo, now that I am back as the lean-mean working machine, I will have more time to write/bitch. And yeah! keep waiting for my recent haircut AKA disaster story..... COMING SOON to a blog near you.

Ciao :P

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  1. lean mean working machine? :o whoever said so! lean NO mean YES!