Tuesday, May 5, 2009

..... Because Family Comes First!!

I know, I know... "Its all about loving your parents". But once in a while when you look back at age seven or eight, dont tell me that you have never thought to yourself "Why did my mom dress me up like Hippe-meets-Snow White?" ... "Why did I wear those Knee length white socks with frills in the winter just to make mom happy?" Why Oh why!
The answer lies in your heart.... *Its all about loving your parents*.

I have suddenly realized that I have covered all sorts of random topics, starting from Ramayan to Fish theories, but I have never really written about the stuff that matter to me most... that make me what I am today! My family of course. My family is an interesting amalgamation of "Paranoia Meets Super-Chilled-I dont give a Damn-Ness". My family has guided me through tough times, and has taught me how to handle a situation.... But most importantly: they have taught *how NOT to behave in a situation*.

Meet the Parents:

My Dad, AKA Mr Chilled out: A nuclear explosion may occur in my backyard and my dad may be sleeping or reading the morning newspaper calmly.

For outsiders, my dad is the coolest parent anyone can have!! If I was a character from 'That Seventies Show' Drunk-Doped kids around me would go something like "Dude your Dad's a Rockstar" (AAHH every girl's dream!). My Dad has never told me not to stay out late, not to talk on the phone, not to go out, not to cross the street. He has never been bothered if I have been kidnapped or mugged or lost. According to my dad, if I get kidnapped, the criminals will parcel me back with a " I am sorry Note' and will pay my dad the ransom money!! Yeah! he is funny.. :D (He really cracks me up! :|)

Sometimes, I wonder what is it that will make my dad raise one eyebrow! He has happily beared my shopping expenses, he has happily signed my teacher's angry note and Only given me a sad look (Just a sad look) on seeing a bad report card. I knew I could never get in trouble with him. But you see, this too has a silver lining!! My biggest Puzzle was trying to figure out how far the line was. Where do I stop, and what do I have to do to get him really mad!! I am still in the process....

My Mom AKA The Mother of all Daily Soap Queens. Tulsi, Parvathy stand apart... here comes my Mom. My Mom kind of compensates for my Dad's reluctant coolness. She hyper-ventilates, she is the definition of Paranoia.

Till date!! (and I am twenty-three years old).... If i dont pick up her call-- She interprets :
A. I am unconscious.
B. I am Dead.
C. I am tied up in a corner crying and robbers are looting my place.
D. I have fallen down the stairs.
E. I don't have stairs at my apartment, so I am back to being unconscious.

I call her up once I get up in the morning to let her know that I slept well, I have to call her at nite to tell her I am going to bed. I have to call her during the day to assure her that I am alive!

FlashBack: Age 14: When I sent my driver back from school telling him that I will come back on my own and that I was hanging out with friends, my Mom thought my driver was lying and that he had formulated an elaborate plan to kidnap me!!! When I come back home, I would realize that she has marched up to my school to raid the classrooms.

FlashBack, Age 8: Once she read in the newspapers that some kid had been to the loo in school and got locked up inside and had fainted or died. Since then, my mom reminded me every day before sending me to school that I was forbidden to lock the doors of the loo while I went to Pee. I was apparently not allowed to lock the bathroom door while doing my job :P

I find it quite disgraceful, but till date I lie to my Mum about what I had for dinner. If I tell her that I had a sandwich or noodles for dinner, she may catch a flight to Delhi and start cooking dinner for me! So, to avoid the relentless drama, I make up my imaginary dinner to satisfy her, and while I am at it.. I cook up a three course imaginary meal. :D

So, you see... this is the reason that I have turned out to be such a mature and balanced individual in life. Stuck between the Extremist Mom and Non-violence Dad I had to follow my own path, somewhere between the two poles, and I turned out great!!
.... Love you Mom and Dad for always believing in me and making me what I am today!!! You guys Rock!! :D

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