Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I can't remember this really great line I read somewhere about New Year Resolutions...

So, I am going to skip the resolution part and get to the part that is the meat of this post. No one cares about resolutions anyway! Oh, btw, this was my first new year's eve away from besties, boy and family and I am so proud of myself for not crying/cribbing and making a scene. Also there are these things I read online often and love them, and then forget to note them down, and go back searching for them when I am about to write something : which is plain I have one teeny resolution this year - lines that I love, are gonna go into my online doc on the spot. No Procrastination. Now back to the meat.

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine... or some such line I read somewhere. Never paid heed or believed it till I lived it. Believe me, I am the last person to caste shadows on my own dreams. I'm selfish like that yeah, but sometimes things that you really really want submerge. And you get lured by things which seem so very important at that time, that you forget (or believe that you don't have) your real dreams. 2012 was the year I broke illusions and followed dreams. I'll give myself more credit this time,  I took myself seriously after a long time and spent some time thinking of what's next. Was change over-rated? Life lists and all that, shenanigans of an idle mind? I gave myself a shot. The plan was to win. Finally, to achieve something and show it to myself. 2012 was all about me I guess!  I'm sure some years down the line, I'd look back and say ..  that was a great year!

But, 2013 is here to turn me around in some way or the other, and I can feel it. This one is way beyond new year resolutions and such. The changes I made are finally rippling down and piling up, and it seems I might have a ticking time bomb strapped to my back.

I don't have an appropriate ending to this post. I say, bring it on! 

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