Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winters & Role reversal drama..

I loathe winters. I really do, with all my heart. The cold mornings, the damp wet bedsheets, the icy floors, the effing fog - I hate it all. And what's worse, my body and mind are in sync with this feeling of winter-hatred. So, generally during the first couple of weeks in Jan  (coldest fucking month FYI) I go into a state of semi-depression and denial. Depression cos of the fact that I can't get my ass out of bed and head to work, and denial - cos I just overlook the fact that I have to actually work for a living. Two days in a row, this week I missed important meetings in the morning and kept sleeping and snuggling up. This is just not right man, this is the most irresponsible I have ever been, and all 'cos of the damn weather. Also, I feel sick all the time, feverish almost every two hours and shiver like a bitch even with the heater on.

The other interesting trend this winter is that the roles have been reversed, and it's amusing to see Batman adapting so fast & furiously to my winter morning dramas. Generally, I am the one to wake up first, make tea and then coax him to get up for half an hour or so. Then he gets up all mad and screaming 'cos I wasn't able to wake him up earlier and got late for work. And the drill goes on... Somehow, now the tables have turned. Yesterday morning I got up and there was a cup of steaming tea waiting for me by the bed. Batman making tea!!!!!! It's the end - of - the - world phenomenon actually. Only in dire situations will he actually enter the kitchen, wash the utensils and make tea. It's funny actually, now that he tries to wake me up in the morning for hours and then finally resigns. And also has to bear with the constant bickering of 'its so cold,' 'im so cold', 'i hate cold', 'i hate delhi winter' etc etc

So, while it's fun to see Batman running around and picking up after me, it's also unnerving and depressing to see myself like this. I'd like to believe that I am quite active otherwise, but right now I am a big lump of hopelessness!! Some one get this effing January out of my face!


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  2. Hahaha! Enjoy the hot tea I say! :)

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  4. lol! I am so NOT missing Delhi winters one bit :D