Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Drool list!

So, the year is off to a cruel cold start, and I'm in the turtle mode as of now. I'm cooking only once in two weeks or so, and that too concentrating only on desserts and stuff, I'm washing my hair less regularly and coming to work like a polar bear with 6 layers of clothing. I'm highly unpleasant and cranky most mornings and a crybaby on most nights. So, now that I have established the unpleasantness of the situation, I am attempting to cheer myself up by thinking about the good things that are about to happen this year.

Numero Uno - The winters are about to end. SOON. * would do a double jump and cartwheel if I could*

The rest of the awesomeness that's about to follow -

"The Dark Knight Rises" - the one that we have been anticipating for the longest time is going to release this year (fingers crossed) and it's gonna be soooo good.

Among other things, I now own a Galaxy nexus phone, courtesy office holiday gift, which kicks ass! Ice cream sandwhich is bringing in a lot of happiness and is slowing down work for me thanks to a hundred million games that I downloaded. Can't emphasize this enough but I love Google. Yeah! I own three smartphones now :P

Another thing which is buzzworthy and is causing a rumors in bucket-loads, this year is  (if at all launched) - Canon EDS 5D Mark III -- "Canon has confirmed that it is working on a brand new full-frame DSLR." This will be brilliant no doubt.

Mini-coooooooopers! I can't wait to spot them on the roads soon and wave like a maniac and throw a bunch of flying kisses at them. 

So, yeah.. hopefully I'll find more good things to watch out for and keep myself entertained and less grouchy through the year.



  1. Kick started d year with a rare cold that i don't normally catch. Maybe i think i don't catch it too much, so it starts to catch up to me! :P

    Interesting! Start the Drool! :P

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