Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The ABCs of cravings!

If you are a woman and if you are reading this – then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are not one, well then – this is where you might wanna hop off.

There have been times when even I don’t understand the unnatural bolts of manic attacks that we women call craving! I understand the whole pregnant women scenario and even the PMSing- but leaving that aside – what other alibi do we have? Not much to go by I’m guessing. There are so many of these moments that are inexplicably intolerant. Millions maybe. In the interest of time and randomness I call them the ABCs of my cravings.

Attention. Bullshit. Cuisine. Hell Yeah!

I need to be heard. I crave attention right now – I am the clingy bitch, deal with it. I want to stay up all night talking, I wanna go for a drive at 2 in the morning, I want a nice surprise! I want details noticed, moments captured and I want someone to crib to. Well the revelation here is the fact that I am the exact opposite of this under normal circumstances – but the sudden bouts of attention craving dare can’t be stopped.

Coming to Bullshit – this is no easy feat to pull off. But, I do it with quite ease most of the times. I crave trouble… I crave bullshit in life! In a couple of days when things are linear and stress free – I seek out troubles for the love of drama. Most things can be dealt with in their own sweet time, but during the mania zone – everything needs to be dragged out of the box and thrown at my face. Why I do it myself you ask? If I knew the answer then I guess I would have attained nirvana by now.

The last one, I can deal with. Well most times. Apart from the midnight snack & sweet tooth alerts – I am doing pretty well with this one. I have a mental contract nowadays. I give myself a weeks' notice to satiate the culinary desires. So even if I feel like having a grilled chicken wrap with bell peppers salad on a Monday midnight – I’ll make sure that I get it within a week. ‘Cos if I don’t, then it becomes a bigger issue for me. The food crisis leads to an emotional crisis, which evolves into a cranky-ratty vicious cycle of ‘I hate everything in my life’ situation. See, food, interestingly is related to every emotion, occurrence and consequence in my life. So, I take cautious measures not to let this one get out of control – for my own sake, and for the sake of the poor souls around me.

So, there you have it! The ABC’s of my not- so great days.

Until the next rambling…

Cheers my lovelies.


  1. wow.. you just stroke off your feelings, feel like someday I will be able to follow suit.

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  2. Randomness. Do not ask for more drama. Please. I mean it. PLEASE. Because yeah we all could so with more drama in our lives.

  3. A and C sound so much like me. I'm usually pretty chill, but when those cravings hit, they hit HARD.