Monday, August 9, 2010


Tattoos are as primitive as the origin of society itself. We find examples of body art in every society, in every part of the world. From Tribal to Mayan to Celtic to Modern Abstract, tattoos have : been there and done that!

But, the two questions which every individual with a tattoo has to hear today are: 1)why did you get it? & 2) Did it hurt? For every variation of design you can think of, there is a new variation of these two questions. So, today I am undertaking the mammoth task of answering these two questions on the behalf of all those who got inked (for a reason i hope).

The answer to the second question is as plain and visible as the nose on your face! YES, it hurts, Of Course it hurts, and to make it sound more colorful, I'd say- Hey.. no pain, no gain amigos! ;)

Now for the tricky part. The answer to the first question is wrapped in layers of multi-variants which differ from person to person based on past experience to sheer non-sense. For the benefit of the layman, i'd break it up into three categories of why someone gets a tattoo.

Numero Uno: PRESERVE- To capture a moment. To relive an experience, to make it immortal. I think there is a part of us which craves constance! When we find something that gives us absolute joy or peace of mind, we want to capture it or preserve it. Remember the time when you went on an amazing vacation and had the best time of your life. What did you do to capture it? you clicked pictures maybe! Just like that-- Think of getting a tattoo as clicking a picture. Im serious here! When an idea or a thought or a feeling inspires you or sticks to you, you feel like not only embracing it with all your heart, but to go all out and display it. So, when you see a tattoo which has a meaning attached to it, remember that it symbolizes someone's passion, love or a precious moment!

Numero Dos: FASHION screams! Tattoos have enjoyed a certain status in the world of Fashion for many many years now. It doesn't fade & never goes outta style. If you see a tattoo with a great design, then trust me: it's all about the design! It's about getting that one perfect design that's unique, stylish and one you can wear with pride! and mind you.. it's no matter of ridicule, the person has invested many hours into planning & picking up that one perfect design that feels just right! This category of 'Inked' will get a tattoo for the sake of creativity and work of art!

Numero Tres: Join the Herd- not only is tattoo a fashion symbol, its also something which symbolizes someone who can endure a certain amount of pain to get what they set their heart on. So, getting a tattoo might also mean getting categorized to some. There are some people out there who get a tattoo just for the heck of it or just to look cool to their friends, just to fit in probably. Trying not to sound judgmental here I would say there is NO reason for them to get a tattoo, so they are probably not an audience to your question.

So, there you have it! I have tried my level best to answer the TOP RATED questions, that I am sure everyone has asked to a person with a tattoo. So, guys, next time you see someone with a tattoo.. think before you ask ;D

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