Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post-Marriage Syndrome!

I have realized that marriage is almost synonymous with growing out of your teens. Remember the time when you turned 20 one day and opened your box of old stuff. You just sat there laughing at the clothes, shoes and pictures of your 16-something days and thought to yourself, "what the hell was I thinking"!! But you know well that you might give your arm and leg to turn back time and go back to those carefree days of fun and frolic. Well, the same goes with marriage.

Before getting married you live in this crappy apartment with clothes lying all around you, surviving on mostly junk food and throwing random parties- waking up in the morning-afters and finding your house a mess, watching crappy soaps with a warm cup of coffee and fried food and aimlessly lying around the house on long weekend mornings. Life was Fun for sure. But Life sure does change after marriage (especially when you get the happy married woman syndrome).

Suddenly everything that you did in your pre-married life becomes miniscule, and blissfully careless.

You tend to ridicule your smaller rooms as a singleton and your small apartment which at one point of time seemed nice and cozy now seem like pigeon-holes. Suddenly matching curtains and sofa-sets are of huge eminence to you over every other possible thing and you fail to realize how your single friends are still living in such a mess with unco-ordinated pillow covers!

Knock-in the head number two should come once you realize that you are using the food processor way to often. By that I mean almost, every day. Thinking about the days when you just had a cup of cofee and maggi makes you shudder and think how could you have led such a risky life. Roti, paratha and dal have become common house-hold chores every day, and your body has stopped responding to words like: "lets skip dinner and have toasted bread with cheese". You have obviously by now started pittyfully looking at your single friends and thinking, how are they even living such a life, and you are thankful and grateful for each and every loving moment spent in your beautiful home with your adorable husband.

When you are single, the only thing that matches are your clothes, and when your married that list is long. Cutlery, Curtain, Cushions and more! You long to hear the "Honey Im home" and you quickly get warm food on the table and relish every bit of life when your husband looks at you and says, "this tastes amazing".

You despised this life once but now that you are a part of it, you are loving it. If you have come this far then there is no cure for you. You are the married woman of the century and there is no stopping you! You have started giving cooties to your single friends who aww you every minute and get aww-ed back.

But to us single people, every day brings newer crappier things to think about. We might not have the color coordinated bed sheets to keep us smiling but we do have one thing that we all end up missing eventually!


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