Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Way Ticket to Bored'Ville

The more I think about it, the more bored of the situation I tend to get. It is almost like a poisonous vine that is strangling me to brain-deadness. It is impossible to break out of this maddening sphere of boredom that has taken control over my life, my thoughts and my actions.

All I want to do right now is to find a mature solution to this problem. I want to understand the root cause of this phenomenon and uproot the bloody thing. But the problem seems to have gone deeper than the root, it's almost like the never-ending rabbit hole. Where do I stop analyzing and start the restoration process? I realized that I have been working at the same thing for a long time. I am analyzing accounts and running reports for too long. This continuous vicious cycle has led to mechanical symptoms in my brain and now it just refuses to act human-like. For everything I have a graph and for everything I calculate a return on Investment :O

I tried digging deeper! Am I bored of only my job? or am I bored in general? am i bored of the city? or am I bored of seeing myself like this? Playing farmville on facebook cheered me up a little, I grew some crops and got some cattle and livestock! It got me thinking as to how much bored I must be to be growing virtual rice and wheat and petting and milking cows that say Moo every 5 seconds.

I realized there is a saturation point that comes in every relationship! I have reached mine: Enough of this city, this job and this sucky life! I am going back to a more happening life!! I am considering moving back to my own roots to solve the root problem of this disastrous stagnant feeling!

Wish me luck people! :)

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  1. tell me a suitable time so that I can call u..take care..:)