Monday, October 6, 2008

Mind over soul!

Time can not be told of the endless activities that go on in slow motion in your head.

Chronicles of a thoughtful mind:

The day that came today to my door, brought some dark clouds along with it. When I looked out my window, the clouds were there too. I thought to myself, is it me who is upset, or is it the cloud that is upsetting me!!

Maybe it’s the cloud which saw out of the window and saw me. You never know! What goes around comes around I guess! Whenever I try to focus on something, I start thinking out of the box.

For instance! Once I thought that I want to finish my work in the next two hours and go and play pool with myself, instead of doing that I started looking at Google Image search, for ankle tattoos. Guess what? The next week, I had a tattoo on my ankle.

It was my 23rd Birthday, and I was looking at the half drunk bottle of beer lying in front of me… mocking my presence as if I was good for nothing. Can’t even finish a bottle of beer? With a new vigour I emptied the mocking bottle and the three shots that came after it, and the other three after that!!

Next day by noon, the elegant tattoo was staring at me!! I wonder if it was me or the shots that were to be blamed.

So it is not a matter of time I guess. It is a matter of endless twisted activities in my brain that orders me to go about the mindless acts of nuisance! The Chronicles of a thoughtless mind: reminded me to get another tattoo… here we go again! We’ll see you all soon next week… I am busy surfing the net for my next best!


  1. Lmao! the chronicles of the tattooed woman :P

  2. bol le!! mera doosra bhi aane wala hai... *Tattoo*