Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I looked out of the auto to see a dead dog and a romancing couple in the same frame and I thought...

While some died today, some bought new clothes. Peddlers went about selling stuff. Someone made an awesome curry. Someone got mugged in the dark corner of his street. Someone fell in love. Someone was raped and killed brutally. Someone won a bet and filled their pockets. Someone hit a dog on the road and drove on. While some went on romantic dates, someone took sleeping pills to avoid depression. Someone committed suicide. Old couples went on walks in the park while some child was kidnapped from the front yard. Someone shouted a racist slur at the departmental store and someone helped an old lady climb up the stairs. Dilemma is when you don't know whether to rejoice at so much or fall down and cry for the monstrosity of the universe. Even the positive sides have their own negatives it seems


  1. its simple.. be a littly selfish, sit back and take care of ur family and whenever possible, try to do ur bit to make a difference in others life.. crying for the monstrosity of the universe is not an option..