Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A blue flower

A blue flower he gave me once, to keep it safe, bright & warm.
Gentle & plain, infinite as love
It stays with me for times to come.
Withered... a petal or two I fix it with haste, secure it back up to it's former grace

This day it came with a scroll on thunder
It seems unreachable now, this destiny of ours
Why seemingly there on a spiral grey tower, within reach... it could be ours.
Together we climb, but alone I fall. Over and over until I stall.

This I tell him, we must preserve, save it now before it withers.
The blue is fading as I make this chase.
So I let it fall and shed a tear on his face.
It's time to part so we say goodbye but long to hold what can't be mine

A lucid dream, I take a breath and run towards my safest place
In my mind I see so clear
A blue flower, now on the spiral tower.


  1. Ahh...poetry!!...nice nice :)

  2. Loved the poetry...written beautifully :)

    Take Care