Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick Updates!

So, I have been MIA for almost two weeks so I am trying to fit a lot of interesting and not-so interesting updates in this post. But, I absolutely can not start this post without talking about rapture! Yea.. RAPTURE! what the eff is up with this viral story? I actually found a website which is selling doomsday t-shirt for $20 - so much so for fashionably dead :|

On another note - I almost lost my engagement ring! It hurts to even write about it actually. After a not so enjoyable show of Pirates 4 - I came out of the theatre to realize that my precious ring is not on my finger! :( After an hour of zombie walk, crying, consolations and 4 of my friends running around a huge-ass mall trying to retrace my footsteps and stalling the next movie show.. we finally gave up and accepted the sad truth that I have INDEED lost my engagement ring. My whole life almost flashed in front of my eyes and I almost couldn't breathe. Anyway, after my friend dragged me back to my apartment I realized that I had very conveniently left the ring on top of my tv. It all came back to me then - I had gone for a spa earlier in the day and while trying to get the olive oil/essential oil/whatever oil out of my hands I had opened the ring and kept it on the TV. How convenient right?! Anyhoo, this was followed by a serious round of cursing, screaming and F-bombs from my dear friends and I wasn't complaining much - cos as long as I got precious back - Im good to go.

Also, this week had been really really crazy at work. Deadlines and reports and some more client meetings and I was so worn out by Friday that I realized that I almost had some sort of short term memory loss. I was having trouble remembering names even. Sigh. No wait- I always had that problem I think. But, I was also helping my friend apartment hunt at the same time and I saved her from finalizing a house which had no windows! yea.. you heard me - no windows. At all.

On a more happier note - I have a new flatmate starting next month: one of my closest college friends just got a new job and is moving to Delhi - which is like YAY!

Cheers to more parties, more girl-talks and no more loosing my ring!! ( Imma gonna get it drilled to my finger )


  1. I always considered forgetfulness as a virtue. Always leaves behind a lot of laughs, and a story to be retold on special occasions! :)

    Good u got the ring back, and congratulations! :))

  2. It sounds like things are going great. I'm so happy for you! :) I'm so glad you found your engagement ring, too!

  3. @Sid- not so funny anymore cos my frends are going to torture me for a year now.

    @Bella- thanks dear, I miss reading your posts! write quickly :)

  4. The Rapture again. Thanks for the window though. Long live the chaos :S

  5. YOU NEVER REMEMBER NAMES! its not because of the fatigue, its YOU!

    Next time you say, 'Oh FUCK, I Lost my ring?!' I'm going to bitch slap you first and then start looking for it, just in case it's again still on the TV. Just FYI.