Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This innate urge to break out of bonds will lead me to the path of no return someday. The classic example of head vs heart displayed its true colors on a Sunday morning as I lay awake in bed thinking of anything and everything. How much of *terms and conditions* can I take in life? Even if they lead towards a path of the much glorified comfy life- the question is: how much of that life do I crave?

What if you are not that one amongst the millions of comfort seekers who are conditioned to seek and desire the comfortable life. What if you are a loner, what if you are plain selfish?! With my bucket list staring me in the face- i have no resolve to put it in the back-burner anymore. After all, we do have only one life and only one chance. The desire to break free is so overwhelming that it engulfs every moment of my chained existance. Everything seems like a sign, every sign seems like my very own moment of glory!

Maybe it's time to be selfish, maybe its time to put on some shabby clothes and fade away into the place to where I belong the most!

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