Monday, March 29, 2010

The Big Jigsaw!

If everything happens for a reason, then maybe we should take each passing day as a piece of a big unfinished jigsaw puzzle. All we have to do is string all the pieces together to build the bigger picture. But what if the bigger picture holds absolute mess and chaos? You would know it is coming right?

When you start collecting the smaller pieces you would know what really is eventually headed your way. The question is—should you anyway go ahead and put the messy pieces together or should you hide some of the pieces away to thwart the messy meteor about to crash on you.

It’s not really a matter of choice here. It’s a matter of desperation and how far you are willing to risk to paint a whole new picture for yourself. How many pieces can you hide? How many new pieces can you build to fill the gaps? Will it lead to a butterfly effect? Or will it heal on its own and fit right in-- A round peg in a round hole? Fantastic!!

… Too many questions on my mind right now…maybe this is what leads to insomnia…
Ignorance IS bliss sometimes, the lesser you foresee the easier it is to go through each day. And when the final masterpiece is complete, you just take the blow—ready or not! You don’t have to die each passing day in anticipation and fear.

You may regret, but that is nothing in comparison to the feeling of incompetence.

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